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A Message from Principal

Thank you for visiting the Kofu Minami High School website.

   Kofu Minami High School is in the middle of Yamanashi Prefecture, surrounded by the beautiful mountains. Yamanashi is Japan’s No. 1 grape, peach, wine and mineral water producing prefecture with a view of Mt.Fuji.

   Kofu Minami High School was established in 1963 and the numbers of students now are 840, aged 16 to 18. Our school motto is “Frontier Spirit”, raising the pioneering spirit of students. Students continue to hold the spirit of always challenging what seems to be new and difficult and seek “Truth”, “Good”, and “Beauty”. Students work on daily studies, club activities and school events with their eyes shining.

   Our school has been designated as a Super Science High School (SSH) by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT) since 2004, and is entering its fourth iteration from 2017 onwards. The goal of SSH is to foster a mind for science and mathematics that looks to enrich the future of the world. We aim to further extend our students’ personalities and abilities and prepare them to interact with likeminded individuals all over the world as science leaders. With science as our means, we seek to prepare students for a lifetime of self-betterment and progress. Our SSH programs help students to grow as individuals, and help them to collaborate and connect with people of different ages or origins.

   Until now we have been doing various achievements as a SSH Research Designated School, like developing attractive classes such as Project Studies and research on subjects focused on many unique topics, and “the world of science”. We will actively conduct further research and development such as research collaboration with overseas high schools and continuing academic relationships between high schools and universities as well as further enhancement of our education.

   As of now, our alumni has exceed 19,000 and many of them are active in a wide range of fields both inside and outside the prefecture and country. Furthermore, we are trying to nurture personnel who are active in various fields of Japan and the international community in the future, and can contribute to the development of society.

   We desire Kofu Minami high School to be an exciting school with lots of intellectual stimuli that can foster students to inherit the pioneering spirit and become a pioneer school of the times.

 山梨県立甲府南高等学校 校長 井上 耕史